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Would you like to help the Conservatives?

You can join the Conservative Party by clicking here to download the membership form and then returning it to the free-post address.

However, getting involved does not have to be as stuffy or formal as actually joining the party.  We need people to help in also sorts of ways.


To cover Rural Fylde with a leaflet involves delivering one to 6,200 houses.  That’s a lot of houses to visit without help.  The Conservative Party in Rural Fylde does have some deliverer’s but we always welcome more.  Ideally we’d like about 30 to 40 people across Rural Fylde to do up to 150 leaflets each, mainly in Kirkham, Wesham, Clifton, Newton and Treales.  To do 150 leaflets takes less than an hour.  If you think you can manage an hour a month, then get in touch by e-mail to help@ruralfylde.co.uk.

The more people we have to help us, the more leaflets we can put out and the more chance we have of stopping Labour and sending a message to Gordon Brown that he’s let us down


The Conservative Party likes to visit the residents in an area, and Rural Fylde is no exception.  Traditionally people knock on your door at election time.  Rural Fylde is not traditional.  We have an ambitious campaign plan that will see doors knocked on throughout the year with surveys, petitions and questions.  If you would like to help us in this and provide a face to face link between the Conservative Party and Rural Fylde residents.  Then e-mail to help@ruralfylde.co.uk.


All political parties need money to work, to pay for professional staff, run an office, print material, provide leaflets and the like.  We understand every one’s budgets are tight, especially with the economic condition Gordon Brown has presided over.  But every penny we raise does help us in campaigning to see the back of Gordon Brown and also to see off the threat from an Liberal Democrats or other parties.

It costs about £100 to produce 6,200 leaflets in the Conservative Office.  You can help by considering a donation to the Appeal Fund by clicking here.

 Social Events

The Conservative Party is noted for it’s raffles, tombola’s and Coffee mornings.  These are vital ways to a) raise money and b) to get everyone together to exchange gossip and news.  Rural Fylde Conservatives has a time table of events for the coming months.  The first event is a Coffee Morning on 8th March at Kirkham Conservative Club.  E-mail events@ruralfylde.co.uk for further details.

Registered Supporter

As a registered support you’ll not be a member of the party and cannot vote at local party meetings, but you will be included on mailing lists to receive information about social events, campaigns and other local Conservative News.  We’d never take you vote for granted, so we’d still contact you and still value your feed back and support.  To register as a supported, e-mail support@ruralfyle.co.uk