For many years we’ve Had UKIP peddling the line that only they can save us from Europe, well now we have the official line from David Cameron.  But first UKIP.  I was at a question time at a Blackpool school not long before Christmas where a UKIP panel member spent his whole answer on immigration telling the audience why he was not racist.  Now that was an odd answer for someone who is not racist and I am by no means saying that UKIP are racist, it just seemed odd.  There is also a big difference between having a patriotic stance and a xenophobic stance and reading some of the latest UKIP policies you could argue they are jingoistic little Englanders.  But the biggest irony about supporting UKIP and voting for them is we are more likely to see a pro European win and let Labour and the Lib Dems of the hook.

Now in an interview in the Daily Express David Cameron says, Never to the Euro… “I was in the Treasury when we were in the Exchange Rate mechanism, and I said to myself: “Never again should we give up control of our domestic interest rates.” If I am Prime Minister and for as long as I would be Prime Minister, I would never take Britain into the euro, full stop, end of story. We should never have got ourselves into the financial mess that we are in but at least we have the flexibility of our own currency and our own interest rates.”

So it is clear, if you don’t want the United Kingdom to join the Euro and all that entails, vote Conservative and here in Fylde that’ll mean voting for Mark Menzies, the chap selected by the local Party to stand in Michael Jacks stead.  Mark is a sound bloke who has strong principles and will take of where Michael leaves.