The Prime Minister has after so many years of saying no cuts, has finally realised that public spending is bloated, inefficient, wasteful, unnecessary and outdated.  We all agree that a certain level of taxation and then public spending is needed to support things like good schools, hospital, defence and other essential services.  But under this Government we’re paying more tax, especially stealth, whilst spending on public services has ballooned with very little visible benefit.

We’re in a recession, albeit one where despite the record levels of unemployment, few people are hurting due to very low interest rates.  The recession needs some degree of belt tightening as the public purse cannot sustain the level of public debt.  The Government is just as guilty of squandering good finances and toxic debt as some city bankers seem to be.

So for years we’ve been told by Brown that he’ll invest while the Tories will cut.  Well in my book we make investments to gain a return – and I see no return.  Cutting back budgets and spending will allow the Government to either pay back the debt or pass the savings on to the people – remember all Government money belongs to us, the people.  By passing on the savings in lower taxes people can decide to spend the money how they like, either savings, increasing their spending or investing in enterprise or wealth creation.  All of which benefit the economy far more than employing any number of equality inspectors.

I think the it all boils down to whether we trust Governments or we trust the people.  I know who I trust more and that’s the same whether it is Brown and Labour or Dave and the Tories.