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Some weeks ago I was critised for having my mobile phone on during a town council meeting.  It was doing nothing, it was not ringing, buzzing or, other than telling me the time, anything other than just sitting on the table – quietly.  Some people took exception to this and I took exception at their demanding ways.  We’re not in big brother Soviet Russia.  If I had been constantly taking calls – well that would be another matter.

But it did get me thinking.  Why not use a mobile device in meetings.  I have the technology to live blog.  I could use my Blackberry to Tweet important decisions to the people who follow me and update my Facebook status at the same time.  Surely this will see local democracy come alive and closer to the people.  At most Fylde meetings we have say half a dozen members of the public in attendance, at Wesham meetings it’s usually nobody.  So why not let people know what’s going on live.

I can update this blog by email, by text and live on my Blackberry.  Spending a few seconds after every agenda item updating would not be a hassle and would allow instant live information.  It’s just a bit of thinking – but let me know what you think.