Sadly, today I wasn’t elected.  After a marathon campaign, it wasn’t enough to convince enough people to vote Conservative.  The actual result was:

  • Liz Oades – Independent – 2,594
  • Simon Renwick – Conservative – 1,607
  • Dennis Davenport – Labour – 317

Across Lancashire, the Conservatives elsewhere did better – winning control for the first time since 1977.   Congratulations to Paul, Tim and Fabian, who won their seats in Fylde, and to Geoff Driver who becomes the new Leader of Lancashire and who has again said Council Tax will be frozen next year.

My agent will be writing a post tomorrow on his views on the campaign and some of the people involved.

In the meantime, I’d like to finish this article by saying thanks to everyone who took part in the campaign and to those people who voted for me.  I remain a borough councillor for Wesham and will continue to work in the wider community on some of the issues which have been raised.  I’m off to bed!