pbox8-250If you are one of the many people who has opted to vote by post, congratulations!  Hundreds of people across Kirkham, Wesham and the villages nearby have responded to our recent mailing and applied to vote in this way.

You should, in the next day or so, have received your postal vote.  You’ll receive one for the County election and one for the European election.  Sadly, every year, some people don’t complete or return their postal vote as the law requires.  So , here’s a few tips to make sure your vote is counted:


  • Put a ‘x’ next to one of the three candidates listed.  I’m hoping that will be Simon Renwick…
  • Put that in the brown envelope
  • Sign the declaration and add your date of birth – don’t worry – this is just to help with spot checks. The data isn’t recorded anywhere. 
  • Put the brown envelope and the declaration in the white envelope and post them back as soon as you can (some people lose theirs!)


  • Tick the Party you wish to see elected (you have a choice of 13.  Again, I’m hoping that’s Conservative.  I don’t think we have seen any of the other party’s candidates in Fylde this year)
  • Then follow the same procedure as above

Your vote really does matter in these elections.  Here in Lancashire, the Conservatives need just 0.3% more votes to beat Gordon Brown and New Labour.  No other Party or candidate can do that.