Today, Greg Clark MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change was due to visit Newton and Clifton.  He was going to visit BNFL at Springfields to talk about the Nuclear Industry under a Conservative Government and then later to visit Newton Bluecoat School and talk to the pupils about Climate Change and their projects as an Eco School. 

However, Greg’s visit was called off as David Cameron called a shadow cabinet meeting to sort out the expenses mess that some MPs seem to have got themselves into.  I’m hoping a strong line is taken with some paying the money back, some making grovelling apologies and some being sacked from jobs or being told they cannot stand as Conservatives at the next election.  This may be a hard line to take, but this is public money and as such needs to be spent with the highest regards.

The most sickening abuse though has to be Conservative MP, James Gray, who claimed for remembrance day wreaths.  I am appalled by this and if only one head rolls, please Mr. Cameron let it be his.