At Fylde’s cabinet meeting this evening Tim Ashton moved an amendment to spend money to re open St Annes pool.  The Council has recently come into a small amount of money which we will be giving to the YMCA to re open St Annes pool in a similar deal to that the council struck to keep Kirkham Baths open.

This is great news and shows what a council can do when it puts it mind to something.  The Conservatives at the council were left with no choice when the Labour Government cut our grant and made us pay for free bus travel.  The council had to make savings and they had to fall on the pool.  We’ve now hammered out a deal that could see the pool run at 20% of the cost.

It is early stages yet, but I think the deal will run just like it did at Kirkham and the pool will be open for swimmers in  2 to 3 months.