Did you know that Labour, with the proud support of Fylde East’s Independent Councillor, has slashed £150,000 from the respite care of disabled children?  That’s right, a council that has £500 million in it’s reserves and spends £1.4 billion a year has taken this care away from the most vulnerable people in Lancashire.  And this the Party of the Welfare State!

So just to recap, they’ve cut night time assistants £250,000; £150,000 from disabled children; £40,000 from the winter gritting budget, £100,000 from street light inspections; £197,000 in rural bus services and £100,000 in library services.  But they can spend £850,000 on glossy publications including £250,000 on ‘Vision’ newspapers and then lose £10 million in Icelandic Banks.  And all supported by our own councillor.

No wonder the country is in such a state!  It’s time for a change and only the Conservatives can give that change.