Some of the most vulnerable people in the County have been let down by Labour and their Independent ally.  The looked after children’s service at County Hall has received a 1 star (out of 4) rating and is officially classed as inadequate.  This is a scandal.  After 28 years in control Labour, who are currently propped up and supported by Fylde’s Independent Councillor, have failed in it’s primary duty – to care for children who are vulnerable.  The Ofsted report says “The most recent inspection of the fostering service judged it to be inadequate and the service remains in breach of regulations”

It’s time for a change and only the Conservatives can deliver that change.  The Conservatives had measures to address this by adding £5 million to the Children’s Fund.  This was voted down by Labour  and the Independent of Fylde East.  In fact her latest leaflet states she was proud to support Labour.