The Conservatives on Fylde Council are celebrating after their hard nosed poker tactic paid off with a potential  £400,000 coming into the council.  A sale of land in Heeley Road, St Annes to a property developer is all but signed, with a 10% deposit due tomorrow.  The deal, which initially the Conservatives turned down was suddenly upped by £90,000 and this made the offer too good to refuse.

It’s interesting to note that the Liberal Democrats and Independents wanted to sell this land a few months ago for £310,000 were absent and quiet when the new offer and our acceptance was announced at a cabinet meeting this morning.

And what’s more, the way we’ve looked at this deal, if the deposit does not come through, we’ve a second buyer, so it’s win win all round!  The next job is to work out where the money can go and what projects and community investment can we support?