Thanks go to the hard work of Councillor Patricia Fieldhouse, a Conservative Councillor from St Annes, for getting hard wired and manned CCTV cameras in Kirkham.  This has also been supported by Fylde Council, The Crime Reduction Partnership and Safe Lancashire.  A partnership brought together by Patricia for the benefit of the Fylde – a similar scheme is going in to St Annes.

This is great news for Kirkham.  These CCTV camera will have someone watching all the time and any trouble can be reacted to.  And now we have the start of a network, it will make it easier to roll out to other areas in Fylde, perhaps Wesham, Newton and Clifton.  Fylde is one of the safest places to live in the country, but it does not mean we don’t have to be vigilant at all times and to crack down on low level stuff to stop bigger things happening.  The cameras should also help combat the fear of crime.