It’s now official – we’re in recession.  We’ve had two quarters of financial shrinking.  The Government has panicked, as they always do.  They’ve spent billions of pounds, they’ve made the pointless VAT cut and what has happened?  Wildcat strikes, household names gone bust and more doom.  This from the man who was supposed to have abolished ‘Boom and Bust’.

It is of course all too easy sitting at my desk writing about the failure of the Labour Government and the financial mess we’re in.  It is actually harder to do something practical.  But, not being someone who just uses words I thought I’d try and do something locally.

The first thing I’ve done is to start a ball rolling to get a local credit crunch busting forum going.  I’ve tasked the appropriate officer at Fylde to work out how we can bring people together from all sectors in the area to assess the Fylde situation and work out what we can do to help. 

Secondly I’m starting to investigate how we can set up a Fylde credit union.  I am a big fan of credit unions.  They are local bodies who can generally lend and save to local people in a way that is secure to lower income families.  They help cut out loan sharks and dodgy lenders.

I appreciate that in the bigger picture these seem small – but they are positive and can be a step in the right direction.