Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.  I think it is important that we all remember the horror that was inflicted upon the many people that the Nazi claimed were sub human.  These included, most notably Jew, homosexuals, gypsies, Poles, Soviet POWs, resistance fighters and Jehovah’s Witnesses.  It is estimated that over 6 million people were systematically murdered in brutal circumstances.  Two thirds of European Jews were wiped out.

I think it is also worth remembering that this was not more that 70 years ago.  History has a habit of repeating itself.  Having days like this where we can speak to younger generation about the horror is a way in which we can help stop this habit.  The Nazi regime was evil, pure evil – but every so often we hear the rhetoric of anti semitism, religious intolerance, racism and homophobia that should make us all worry.  We only have to hear and see the deeds of countries like Iran, or hear the bigotry on the BNP to know that vigilance is necessary and education is essential.