I was at the Metacre Consultation for an hour this afternoon.  I saw all the plans and I saw many local residents.  I had the chance to put our concerns to the representatives from Metacre and I must say there arguments just did not stack up.  I challenged the need, the infrastructure, the use of agricultural land, the damage to the Bio Heritage site and the fact that Wesham is just full.

There reply was basically the same – that it is Government policy and the whole of Fylde will have to be built on so might as well just accept it.  I could not believe that argument.  I pointed out that just because a socialist Government in London says so – should local democracy be thrown out?  There reply was basically though, the Government is the Government and they may not change.

They did say they’d listen to public opinion, but I don’t hold much hope that they will.  It did have the appearance of a sham and to be honest I walked out as though I had wasted my time being there.  Of course I support local residents here and I’m still dead against this development – but other than being their for local people, the Metacre people weren’t really bothered about what the public want, they only care about their profits.