Labour bosses at County Hall have come under fire for advertising a new job.  The post that pays nearly £100,000.00 a year is to apparently to be a Economic Development Manager.  Now I know we are is a recession, but I’m not too sure how spending a £100,000 a year at County Hall on an employee who will no doubt just write strategies will help. 

I think this goes to show just how out of touch Labour and their allies at County Hall are.  Let’s forget about the economic climate for a while and just think what else £100,000 could buy.  Well at this time of the year, what about gritting more roads to prevent car accidents?  What about some more lollipop ladies, what about keeping Lytham County Information Centre open, what about some new books at local schools, what about support CCTV to make our streets safer.

But, no another pen pusher and bean counter.  Typical Labour – I think it’s time for a change.