Metacre, the company behind plans to flood Wesham’s open countryside are hold a ‘consultation’ exercise this Friday, 9th of Jan between 4 and 7 at the Community Centre.  I would urge everyone to go along and voice their opposition to the plans.  I am sure it’ll make no difference and the plans will be submitted later in the month, but at least the greedy developers will know the strength of feeling of local people.

I’ll be popping in and expressing my views against the plans.  But just in case any one is in any doubt about what my views are, I’m dead against them – Wesham is full.  I also think we have a duty to fight against all future development plans in Wesham and the Fylde.  The way we are going the things that make Fylde special will be spoilt and Fylde will no longer be the Fylde.

As one local resident has said to me “I object to the new 212 new homes being built at Mowbreck Lane In Medlar With Wesham I feel there has already been significant housing development in the past to cater for the need for new homes. A new development would spoil the landscape as well as put a strain on local services such as schools. “