This is proving harder than yesterdays top 10 good guys.  It is easier being positive than negative.  I also think it would be an easy hit to single out the Prime Minister and the Labour Party, or local political opponents, but that is cheap and although I think there is much going against them I do believe that their motives are generally good.  It is also easy to single out despots the world over and I could easily write a list of all those who are abusing human rights in their own country, or those who’s aggression leaps out. 

So in no particular order.

Vladimir Putin.  A throw back to the bad old days and is rattling Russia’s sabre to an extent that could challenge east – west peace and co operation.  And for also wasting the promise of Gorbachev and Yeltsin who so very nearly offered Russia democracy and choice.

Sean Mercer.  The murderer of Rhys Jones, and act beyond comprehension, which truly sums up the broken Britain of so many parts of our Country.

Haringey Social Services.  For the systematic failure yet again to protect the children in its sphere of care.  Baby P could have been alive today if this department had learnt lessons and done its job properly.  See below also.

Baby P’s Mother.  The evil woman who abused and allowed abuse to happen.  Baby P was a beautiful baby boy who suffered at the hands of those who should have cared for him.  His tragic and short life, ended brutally – the people responsible should have been hung by the neck until dead.

Robert Mugabe.  There really is no need to justify his inclusion on this list.  Not only is he happy to starve his people, beat, torture and murder his people, deny them a voice and a vote – stealing the election, he is now presiding over a devastating and murderous disease.  Cholera is rife and he’s calling Zimbabwe his country.  If there was oil in Zimbabwe – would that monster still be there?

Michael Martin.  Not really in the same league as some of the others in this list.  But he has been the worst speaker of the House of Commons for many a year.  He is a hypocrite, partisan and has allowed the traditions and privileges of being an MP disappear over night by agreeing to the arrest of Damian Green.

Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand.  Their prank went too far and demonstrates the extreme of bad taste and for also wasting so much talent by trying to out vulgar each other.

The Iranian Government.  For their human rights record, their execution of 16 year olds for being ‘gay’, stoning rape victims to death and for their wanton desire to destroy the state of Israel.  Iran has a proud cultured history which could offer the world so much.   It is now a rouge state living in the middle ages trying to acquire nuclear arms for very aggressive purposes.

Local Developers.  There is an accepted need to develop homes, but that has to be balanced.  Fylde is over developed and yet more homes are being planned in Wesham – on prime agricultural land next to a  Bio-Heritage site.  This is just greed.

SHAC.  That is Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty.  If you have sympathy with the cause or not, their terrorist methods of campaigning is an affront to the democratic principles of this country.  And just for the record, I don’t agree with their cause – but that’s a debate for another time.  Abuse, hoax bombs, blackmail and digging up dead bodies has no place in a reasoned debate.