I’ve ripped this idea directly from another website of a colleague on Wirral Council.  Over the next few days during the quiet Christmas period I’m going to list a few of my top 10s.  Today I am starting with the top 10 good guys of 2008, followed by the top 10 bad guys, films, books, TV etc.

So the top 10 good guys (and girls) 2008, in no particular order.

John Coombes. John, as leader of Fylde Council has always put the Fylde first and has dealt with some very difficult situations in a manner that has shown him to be very good friend of the people of the Fylde.

The British Army. And for that matter the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.  The professionalism of the British armed forces have them head and shoulders above others.  They do an immense job, often starved of the correct equipment.

The Queen.  As always, her message this year was spot on.  She has shown huge dignity and has is an example of public services.  We have a lot to be grateful for.

The No Campaign.  Ok, so it’s nothing to do with the local area, but the determination of the No campaign towards the Manchester Congestion Charge has show what true democracy is.  And has shown that people cannot be bribed with billions into accepting an unfair tax. 

Peter Collins.  The Grange Park Post Master who stood for election as a Conservative and defied the odds to show that all politics is local and that putting people first, engaging residents and fighting on the issues that matter can make a difference.

Susan Fazackerley.  Mayor of Fylde this year, Sue has selflessly served Fylde this year, putting on many functions to raise money for local charity and representing the council in a positive upbeat manner.

Damian Green.  The Conservative MP, who was arrested by anti terror police for revealing embarrassing information about the Governments scandal over immigration.

Lewis Hamilton.  For the single minded determination to get to where he wants.  He has done the nation proud and I congratulate him for his achievement.

Melanie and Stephen Jones.  The parents of murdered school boy and football supporter Rhys Jones, who have shown such bravery and dignity in facing their sons murderer.  No parent should have to go through that and my pray go out to them.

Michael Jack MP.  Michael has been an exceptional MP for many years.  I used to think that all political careers end in failure, Michael has shown that they don’t.  He has chosen his time to leave and spend time with his wife and children.  That in my opinion shows great clarity on life’s priority.  I wish Michael and Alison a long and happy ‘retirement’ together.

The Monks of Burma.  I know this is actually number 11, but in this year, the peaceful protest of  the Monks has highlighted the appalling human rights record of Burma and as international pressure mounts there could be hope………