I’m a fan of democracy and I feel that when people queue to vote, and sometime suffering actual violence, that their vote is counted and means something.  It was clear to all those involved and the world at large that Mugabe lost the last election in Zimbabwe.  Yet he is still in power and still systematically destroying his people and the country.  Cholera is now stalking the once great producer of Zimbabwe, killing well over a 1,000 people. 

In a statement, the wise and internationally respected Archbishop, Desmond Tutu, has stated that South Africa has lost the moral high ground in dealing with Zimbabwe.  It appears that South Africa can now join the club of Countries who seem incapable or unwilling of standing up to Mugabe.  We’ve no shining record here and have left the former colony to become a lawless, ungovernable waste land.  I wonder if our reaction, and that of other nations, would have been different if there was oil present?