I was called by a member of the press yesterday to see if there was any truth in the rumour that Fox’s Biscuits had not paid their staff last week.  I’d not heard this, but was concerned that if true it could mean a local company was being hit by New Labour’s Credit Crunch.  I e-mailed the director of Human Resources and received a reply stating that all staff had been paid as normal.  This is indeed good news for all staff and for the local area.  Fox’s has been a good neighbour to Wesham over the years.  They produce a quality and famous product and lets hope they and all other local and national firms find the strength to carry on through these dark times ahead.

New Labour has lost its economic way, the ‘financial stimulus’ is stalling and Government Ministers are telling us this will be the hardest, deepest and longest recession we’ve known.  I do pray that the strength and resilience of the British character can see us through, but with Gordon at the helm, who knows.

Any way, not wanting to be a doomsayer and this is the Christmas period where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, hope springs eternal.