I’ve been off work these last two days with what some people may describe as ‘man flu’, I describe it as the plague.  I got woken up from a sleep at 13:30 today with a BBC News text telling me that an 18 year old lad had been found guilty of shooting Rhys Jones dead.  I can’t actually describe the feeling;  I think I am glad he’s been found guilty of murder, I’m happy that there is a ‘legal end’ to this tragedy, but I can’t help thinking there is something else.  Disappointment, anger, retribution….

I think that I’m angry that I had to receive the text message at all.  Rhys was 11 when he was gunned down – that is a tragedy and I pray for his family.  I am angry that we are living in a society, that in some areas it is so broken that, it seems routinely acceptable to carry around guns and fire than without a care of where the bullet lands.

What’s the answer?  I don’t know.  There has to be I think a real culture change in Britain.  We need respect back in the class rooms, we need people to fear the consequences of their actions and we need a justice system that catches and sentences those that step over the line.