I’ve just read the weekly newsletter from Council Boss, Phil Woodward.  He and the leader of the council went down to Whitehall a week or so ago to speak to the Minister, John Healy, about the financial situation his Government has put us in with making district councils pay for free bus travel.  The nearly £400,000 is leaving a big hole in Fylde’s budget. 

Anyway the upshot of that conversation lead to a meeting with the Government Office of the Northwest.  At the same time as receiving a letter from John Healy saying he’d cap and tax rise above 5% (a 1% rise in Fylde is the equivalent of 4p per week!) – we we’re told by the Government Office that the door maybe open to higher tax rises.

Phil’s comment on his newsletter made me laugh “Talk about ‘Yes Minister’ – if their actions and compulsion to micro-manage didn’t have such a significant impact on local communities it would be quite laughable!”