Yet again, New Labour and Gordon Brown have shown they cannot be trusted with this country’s defence.  Delaying the new carrier order is dangerous.  Those two ships are vital in the ever change conditions of the world.  The projection of power to defend British interests is vital – fighting pirates, terrorists or conventional foe.  This again shows that New Labour don’t understand world affair and again shows that New Labour cannot be trusted.  Our fighting men and women deserve better.  New Labour starve them of the correct equipment to do the job and this decision goes to show again there contempt for the brave boys and girls who put themselves in harms way for our benefit.

But what does this say about us in Fylde.  If New Labour and Gordon Brown can delay the most important military procurement project for the Royal Navy, what could it do for the Royal Air Force.  How many local jobs depend on BAe Systems?  Could the third round of  Typhoons be delayed or even cancelled?

Nobody wants war, death and destruction – but sometimes it comes knocking.  The primary role of a Government is to protect it’s people, I feel a little less protected today and I fear in the future that feeling will only grow.  It’s time for a change, it’s time for the Conservatives.