Next Wednesday sees the opening by the Mayor of Fylde of Kirkham’s Memorial Gardens.  The Conservatives at Fylde have made the restoration of the three main War Memorials in Fylde as a priority.  We respect and honour those who have fallen.  The gardens have gone through a £220,000 renovation, which has seen it go back to the original design.  The banking has been underpinned and additional drainage provided.

I’ll be at the opening as I am proud of the involvement of the council in this important project.  I believe it is now a fitting tribute that had for so long been allowed to decline at the hands of those who seemed not to care.  As I said, when the Conservatives took control of the Council in 2003 we set about saving up to do Kirkham, Lytham and St. Annes Cenotaphs.  Wednesday will be the start of a new chapter in the gardens future.