This week I received several letters from the pupils of Kirkham & Wesham County Primary School. The letters expressed the pupils concerns over the potential closure of Kirkham Baths.  There was real passion and emotion in the letters, some written  by children as young as 7.  I read all their letters and agreed with all the sentiments raised.  The impact on young people over the closure of the baths was one of the biggest reasons I had for opposing the closure.

I spoke to the head teacher, Mrs. Jones and reassured her that I am the side of the kids.  I also said I’d write back and explain the current situation; that being the the baths are saved and will remain open under the stewardship of the YMCA and the support of the council.  I also said I’d be happy to go in to the school and speak to the pupils about why the council felt it needed to cut it’s spending and close the baths. 

I think it is great when people, especially young people get involved in the community they live in.  I enjoyed reading the letters and I will enjoy tell the pupils of Kirkham and Wesham that due to the action I took over a year ago, the pool in Kirkham shall continue to be an asset for all the people of Rural Fylde.