I was horrified to hear of the arrest of Damian Green, the Conservative Immigration Spokesman, by anti-terror police last night.  I feel sick that a opposition MP who is sticking up for this country and doing his job exposing Government scandal can be treated in such a Stalinist way is beyond belief.  This is the Government that wants to waste £5b on an ID card scheme, a Government that wants to lock people up for 42 days without charge and now a Government that is arresting people who speak out and expose scandal.

Britain used to be a place where civil liberties where taken for granted as a right, now they seem to be a privilege, handed out at the whim of a over mighty, tax crazy, bullying Government that is not fit for purpose, leading us to financial ruin and is so blatant with its spin and lies you just can’t believe a word they say.

We had on Monday a pre budget report that gave us £20billion but took away £40billion, a 2.5% drop in VAT, well that’s got me rushing to the shops…..  At a time when we need money in our pockets and the confidence to buy goods and services, we’ve been given a tax bomb as a Christmas present and a .5% increase in National Insurance.

I’m sticking up for Damian Green, he’s done the right thing, now we need the country to do the right thing and ask Mr. Brown to leave Downing Street.