Lewis Hamilton has done the country proud.  His sporting achievement has made us all smile.  His dedication to his sport is without question and he can show what can be done when you put your mind to it.  Not withstanding what I have said, shold the Royal Mail put him on a stamp?  Well maybe, despite it breaking the tradition of putting living people on a stamp. Are there other people who need to go on one first?

When people tell me there are no role models for our youngsters any more, I say rubbish.  If you want role models, look at the 20,000 troops who are currently serving this country in far away places like Iraq and Afghanistan.  Are they not role models enough – selfless, brave, dedicated, focused and professional?  If they are not the role models for a succesful life, I don’t know what is.

I am sure that in time Lewis Hamilton deserves his place on a stamp, but until that time what about some of those people who are in harms way serving us all, but have not come back.  Is it not time we honoured the fallen of Iraq and Afghanistan and as a nation pay tribute?  Sign the petition here.