Who can fail to have been moved by the by the tragic and avoidable death of Baby P.  I like to think I am moderate and liberal on most things and despite my teenage years being more right wing than most I was fairly certain that the death penalty was a step too far in penal justice and public retribution.

After reading the account of this poor child’s short life, I am now beginning to think that occasionally the only sentence fit to give to people like Jason Owen and Baby P’s mum and her partner is to be hung by the neck until dead.  And I don’t say that lightly.  I am a firm believer in the right to life  – but my belief in Baby P’s right to life is far stronger then my belief in the barbaric scum who ended Baby P’s life so brutally.

But other questions need answering. The question of how after 60 visits, police requests and a brave sole social workers request to remove; why for 17 moths was this beautiful baby allowed to stay with such scum and in such appalling and violent conditions.

As a society we need to say two things; If you are so brutal, cruel and murderous, we’ll end your life and if your charge is to protect the innocent and you fail you’ll lose your job.  I am sorry if my views are offensive to some readers, but sometimes saying the right thing can be painfully true.