Local Conservatives have saved Kirkham Baths.

Discussions that have been ongoing between the YMCA and other bodies will see Kirkham Baths stay open.  The baths were under threat due to government cut backs, budget squeezes and schemes that have passed massive costs on to local councils.  However, despite the hard decision to close St. Annes, local Conservatives are fighting back against the Government and we’ve come up with a scheme that will see Kirkham stay open and St. Annes to re open. 

The baths will be run by the a local organisation who will have to run them more effectively to see them bring more income in to the pot to keep them going.  Cllr. John Coombes, leader of the council needs to take much of the credit here.  For a start he’s put up with me moaning on about them for the last year and he allowed my to get away with voting against him and the Conservatives.  Something I don’t think I’ll be allowed to do again.  But joking aside, John has listened and taken action over this and has worked tirelessly to bring about this very solution.