President Designate and the future first family

President Designate and the future first family

Last night I stopped up with some friends to watch the American Election results.  I was cheering for John McCain, but also had a sneaky admiration for Barack.  Although the outcome was not what I’d have chosen, the American people have chosen Barack to be the leader of the ‘Free World’, and as such I wish him well for the next four years.  I think America and the West have a tough few years ahead.  We need to find peace in the two wars we are fighting (and that does not mean surrender), we have to find a long term solution to the global economic crisis and we have to come to together to tackle climate and green issues.

I feel that Barack is one part of that team for change, but is our own Prime Minister up to the task of sitting at that table.  I think on the performance just before at today’s PMQ’s shows, he clearly is not.  Is it time for our change and our hope?  I think so.  David Cameron has progressive policies that tackle everyday issues.  Gordon Brown is full of rhetoric and hot air.  David Cameron offers hope to fix our broken society, where as Gordon Brown is just broken.

The change needed is not just at Westminster, but also at County Hall where Labour’s failure for the last 28 years can come to an end.  Only the Conservatives can replace Labour; Liberal Democrats and Independents, no matter how loud they shout cannot effect that change.

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