Today I am chairing a meeting between the Council, the YMCA and Rural Splash.  I am hoping that we can form an understanding for the way forward to keep the baths going into the future.  I hope that all sides can put their differences to one side and come together for the sake of the community.

Fylde’s budget has been hit hard by this New Labour Government and Kirkham and Rural Fylde should not suffer as a result of vindictive government spite.  That is why I again pledge to stand up for Fylde and that is why I’ll continue to work, in front of and behind the scenes to get this sorted.

We have one chance to move Kirkham baths into a sustainable position, I hope no ones ego gets in the way.  Local Conservatives have worked hard to offer the services that the budget allows, let’s hope that we can continue to do that while keeping the baths open for general benefit of the population.