The next addition of the Kirkham Newsline will be ready by the weekend.  If you’re able to help deliver it, please get in touch with me,, as we’re having an action day this Saturday.  We’ve 3,000 leaflets to deliver in the morning and then a surprise litter pick in the afternoon.  The location of the litter pick will be a secret until the day, we don’t want our opponents sneaking in and actually doing it first, as if?

We’ll have lunch and a pint in between, so should be a good day.  And that evening, Councillor Karen Buckley is have a Firework Fiesta Fundraiser to make money for her campaign to hold the St. Annes North seat at County against those pesky Liberal Democrats.  Of course, that’s assuming there are any Liberal Democrats left at County.  In the last few weeks one of their councillors have defected to the Conservatives and one to Labour.  Does not seem like they have the answers.