I do seem to have got a little bit of stick from one or two people about Rural Splash and attending the meeting that I was invited to attend, but not the meeting I was not invited to attend. I said at the Councillors bit that the plan showed vision, but it now needed everybody to work together. This was received in the spirit it was meant. However, it appears that as soon as I turned my back, that spirit was put to one side and party politics got the better of some people with a letter in the local paper saying something that was not true.

I have always supported keeping Kirkham Baths open. I voted against my party group and council leader to give Kirkham Baths the time to find a funding solution. That solution may have been found, more detailed talks have to take place. I have, today invited the Chairman of Rural Splash to talks.

I have also today contacted my friends on Blackpool Council to see if we could use their pool cover from St. Georges Pool. If we can this will save 50% of the heating costs and makes it more likely that Kirkham Baths can stay open.

So I’ll make my plea again. If we are to keep Kirkham Baths open, we must work together, lets hope that that can happen.