I attended the Councillor section of the Rural Splash presentation on Tuesday.  I’d have stopped for the public session also, but had another meeting to go to.

I must say the vision was impressive, and if we can find a way of bringing it into reality then it will be a massive asset for Kirkham and Rural Fylde.  I think Raymond Green needs a huge thank you for pulling all this together and he has my pledge to continue to work with him to see what can be done to take the vision forward.

The business plan has been presented and the council will run some robust checks on that plan.  We have a duty of due diligence when dealing with your money.  I think Rural Splash need an answer by mid November and I will endeavour to work for to that goal on behalf of all the people in Kirkham and Wesham and Rural Fylde. 

Local Conservatives are working hard to ensure that swimming is kept alive and well in Fylde, we’d have done that already if the Government was not so hard on small district councils like Fylde and had burdened us with huge costs, like free bus travel or alcohol licencing, cut our grant and stop us from raising the taxes needed to pay for the services that people expect us to provide.