At the council meeting on Monday of this week I was asked a question by a Kirkham Councillor.  She asked if there was any truth in the rumour that St. Annes Pool would be re-opening soon and whether there would be any further pictures of me posing for the camera.

I answered, her rather Punch and Judy point, by saying I always put he need of the community first and I always listen to the people of Fylde, that is why I voted against my group to keep Kirkham Baths open for the extra year and that is why I’m working hard to find a solution to St. Annes Baths. 

I also welcomed the opportunity presented to offer an invitation to this councillor to be photographed with me at any of the events or achievements I am at.  I think she declined, putting party politics well before community interest. 

Also on the council agenda were two notice of motions; one to urge the Government to support the Gurkhas, and the other to support a campaign to urge people to drink tap water and not bottled water.  This also meant that at all future council meetings we will be having tap water instead of bottled.  I gave my whole hearted support for both of these important and fair campaigns.