I’ve seen the Lancashire Locals agenda for next week, and it might be good news for Wesham.  Lancashire Local is a committee set up between Fylde Council and Lancashire County Council.  This agenda has on it the provision of extra road spending, and £121,000 in earmarked for Wesham, the committee only has to approve it.  I’ll be speaking to my Conservative friends on the committee to ask them to support this spending.

The roads earmarked are Garstang Road South and Segar Street and Garstang Road North and Fleetwood Road.  It is good news that the money has become available, but my suspicions about the timings, with it being election year next year, are a little high.

As I say, I’ll be asking my friends on the committee to support this and I may well be there myself to speak up for Wesham’s roads.  It is a pity there are no schemes in the pot for Kirkham, Newton, Clifton or Treales.  Another Labour let down for rural Fylde.