While in St. Annes today, on a visit to the beach with my children, we popped into the life boat station.  In the viewing gallery was plenty of information about the well known work of the RNLI.  I was however moved by the story of the Mexico Disaster, click here, the RNLI worst ever tragedy.  I have of course known about this sad episode for some time and have always stopped on the Prom to consider the memorial to those brave men, and those they left behind, while endeavouring to save other in the utmost peril and treacherous conditions.

Her Majesty the Queen, standing ready to rescue lives

Her Majesty the Queen, standing ready to rescue lives

I was so moved that I have set up membership of the RNLI to support, in my own small way, the work the Institute undertakes today.  If you’d like to donate, click here.

Although there is a very serious and worthy while side to the RNLI and the station, it was still seen as a fun day out by 6 year old Jakob.

'If only the boots fitted, I'd want my own go on the boat', Jake says.

'If only the boots fitted, I'd be wanting my own go n the boat.' Says Jake