When money is tight, you make hard decisions based on priorities.  Last year Fylde council was in a difficult position due to the Government’s triple whammy.  They made the council pay for more stuff, like free bus travel, they stopped us from getting more money through the taxes we need to fund services and they cut the grant they gave to us.  One of the casualties was the Kirkham One Stop Shop.  This office, which had declining users, was costing to council tax payer too much to keep open.  So the council decided it needed to close and the money spent elsewhere.

This was a little bit sad for those who used the office, but all the facilities at the office can either be accessed on the phone, by the Internet, at the Post Office or by writing to us.  However, the council now has a new service.  An information bus will start touring the rural area, giving everyone, not just those who could travel to Kirkham the same access to information.

Click here to see the time table.  It might not be the same, but in these days of the credit crunch and the spiraling cost of living we all have to make tough choices with our money