I’m grateful for all the emails, phone calls and comments on this blog about the plans to build yet more houses on land here in Wesham.  Most of the comments concern:

  • The impact of more people such as places at local schools – several mums and dads have raised this with me
  • The increase in road traffic, particularly during the building period
  • The failure of the County Council, AND County Councillors, to keep Wesham informed, particularly as the company applying to build here was involved in discussions with the County Council

Among the comments, are really important points raised by the secretary of the local group of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, including: “CPRE are monitoring emerging proposals which threaten loss of countryside and agricultural land in rural parts of the Borough, including Kirkham, Warton, Wrea Green, Elswick, Whyndyke Farm and Marton Moss – so called ‘Strategic Development Areas’. Re the site at Wesham, we are concerned to hear from you that the farmer has been informed of the potential loss of use of this land. We will certainly value your support in opposing any further large scale housing developments at Wesham.”

We will, as always, keep you informed on this really important local issue.  Meanwhile, David Cameron has confirmed to the CPRE that he wants local people to have more of a say in issues such as this.