Last night I was on the beat with Kirkham and Wesham’s finest.  For 4 hours PC Cross, Sgt Ford and I walked around Wesham popping in to shops and homes along the way.  I think I experienced community policing at it’s best.  The good old days of a bobby on the beat seem to be back in Wesham and I have the utmost respect for the job that is being done by the individuals on the beat.

On patrol in the new estate

On patrol in the new estate

Having the eyes and ears on the ground provides immense intelligence gathering for the police and I was surprised just how many people came up to talk to PC Cross to give snippets of information about crimes committed across the borough.

After walking the beat in Wesham, we went in the panda car to patrol some of the ‘hot spots’ of Kirkham.  I must say it was my first time int he back of a police car and I did have the suspicion that some people thought I had been arrested!  NO such luck for for those who may wish my demise!

The ‘hot spots’ in Kirkham were mainly where small groups of teens hang out.  From a distance these groups may appear to by unruly or a danger.  After speaking to the youngster, they are no threat to any one, just normal kids looking for something to do.  Which I suppose is a good reason for the investment in the skatepark in Wesham and the multi games area at Barnfield in Kirkham.

I enjoyed my evening with the local constabulary, we even had the blue lights on the car, albeit for the entertainment of a two year old in grandad’s arms at Mowbreck Caravan park.

I’ve made arrangements to go out again in the next few weeks to do the second half of the shift.  This is the pub shift until 1 or 2 in the morning.  I think I passed my probation and will graduate to the next level of shadowing PC Cross shortly.