Something I don’t often admit to.  I read the Daily Mail, normally for nothing greater than my dose of moralising and sensationalising of trivia, hear say and half truth.  But today I was struck by a piece in Amanda Platell’s column.  And I’ll quote directly. “Protesters Lucy Fairbrother and Iain Thom were immediately deported and flown home to Britain after being arrested for breaking China’s strict homeland security laws.  They should consider themselves lucky.  If they’d broken the same law in Britain, they could have been banged up for 42 days without anyone even turning a head.”

I think Lucy and Iain were right to protest, China has some tough questions to answer and I think they were both very brave and dedicated to their cause.  The fact that protesters in China are treated better than those who may protest in Briatin is something that this Government should hang its head in shame over.