I wrote some time ago about a bin tax, click here and also did a video about taking the bin chip out, click here.  It seems that I’ve not been appealing to deaf ears.  Councillor Tim Ashton agrees with me.  This is good news as Tim is the councillor at Fylde who would be making that decision.  In a recent statement, Tim says

New Labour have given the country the highest tax burden in living memory and they now seem hell bent on making it bigger.  The cost of living is getting out of control. Bin Taxes are bad as:

1. This new tax will cost struggling families an additional average £73 a year.

2. They will increase the tax burden on us all, even those who may benefit with set up costs hitting hard.

3. They are bad for the environment—there will be more fly tipping and more back garden burning.

I’ve made it clear, they’ll not happen under a Conservative Council at Fylde.”

Well done Tim on ruling out this unpopular, unnecessary and costly TAX on everyday living.

Tim rules out a bin tax.

Tim rules out a bin tax.