I said I’d write again about the council meeting last Monday.  Well following a proposal by John Coombes, Leader of the Council, and seconded by myself, Kirkham and Wesham Football Club has been given the Freedom of the Borough of Fylde.

I spoke briefly on changes to the constitution of the council which allows managers to instigate surveillance procedures against members of the public.  I’m not overly keen on the creeping of big brother and spoke against this widening of powers.  The Borough Solicitor reassured the council that they would not be used for the wrong reasons.  I was not overly convinced, but decided to fight another day on this one with a far more detailed review.

Another highlight was the council being awarded a certificate recognising the strides forward the council has made in Councillor Training.  The training courses on offer to make Councillors better have been exceptional recently and is in a large part down to Councillor Kieth Hyde who has steered the councillor development.  There are a number of councillors who need to take more note of these courses though.

Talking about training, I also feel some maths training is needed.  A certain Independent Councillor expressed 4 councillors out of 51 as 2%.  Where as it is nearer 8%.  And these people try to put together an alternative budget.  No wonder it was voted down and no wonder the Finance Director said it was illegal, unachieveable and wont stand up to scrutiny.

The Deputy Mayor, Janine Owen, the Mayor, Sue Fazackerley, and the Chief Executive, Phil Woodward

The Deputy Mayor, Janine Owen, the Mayor, Sue Fazakerley, and the Chief Executive, Phil Woodward

It was also the new Mayor’s first night int he chair of a council meeting. Sue did a great job and was very well supported by the deputy, Janine.  Well done and a well run meeting.