Yet again there is an article in the local papers about how some councillors feel it’s ok and acceptable to allow the area they represent and speak for to be policed on short rations.  You can click here, here, here, here and here to read about local crime.  The point is they said they knew about police shortages and were happy with it.  They did nothing, they’ve followed Gordon Brown’s line and seem totally happy with what’s going on.  They did not kick up a fuss, they did not inform the public, they did not write to the papers and they did not protest.  They did nothing.

On the other hand when I knew I acted.

The facts are for over 2 months Kirkham has been with out a PC and a PCSO.  This has meant cover from other areas going into Kirkham leaving the area short.  A new PC starts in August.  However the PCSO does not start for over another 8 weeks.  This means the model of policing in Rural Fylde is our of kilter and as such is unacceptable.

I’m not afraid of shouting from the roof tops when the public are left exposed, it appears some find a cosy relationship with Gordon Brown too appealing to really care about the public they are elected to serve.