Yesterday I had a stroll round Wesham to have a look at all the pavements and take some pictures the condition, (I’ll be posting about that later).  However, while out I bumped into Peter from the Trade Suppliers, the car sales place in Wesham.  We had a quick chat about his recent break in.  Although this is terrible for him, it does appear that this is not too common in Wesham.  Peter’s installed a brand new state of the art alarm which will deter further instances.

The point I made was, that although the PC and PSCO of Wesham are both brilliant and good at their jobs they can’t be everywhere.  The Government has made some monumental failures in tackling crime.  When a Sergeant spends over half their day on paperwork and a basic stop form takes over 7 minutes to fill in, there are fundamental problems in policing and this problem is a political problem.