This is a press release I’ve sent out today condemning Labours changes in VED.

Councillor Simon Renwick, Cabinet Member – Fylde Borough Council, this week adds his condemnation to that of the Shadow Economic Secretary, Justine Greening, on the Governments increases in Vehicle Excise Duty.


Commenting, Councillor Renwick says,


“We’ve had the scrapping of the 10p tax which made 5.3 million working families less well off and now we have the changes in the VED which will see local families paying more for owning a car.  The average Fylde family will be paying £80 a year more.  Labour are out of touch and are adding to the growing misery of living in Browns Broken Britain.”


New estimates of the number of losers from the government’s VED changes show that of the 9.4 million drivers the Treasury has admitted will pay more, 400,000 are families earning less than £15,000 a year.


Some will pay the largest £245 increase, equivalent to more than a week’s take home pay*, whilst the average family hit will pay £80 more by 2010/11, around two days take home pay.


Treasury Minister Jane Kennedy today admitted in Parliament that low income families would be part of the 9.4m losers, but the government still refuses to publish any detailed assessment of the impact of its Vehicle Excise Duty on those on low incomes.


Justine Greening, Shadow Economic Secretary said:


“Our estimates show that hundreds of thousands of families on low incomes will be losers from Gordon Brown’s road tax hikes.  The increase in VED will cost some of Britain’s poorest households more than a week’s wages.


“How does he expect those earning less than £15,000 a year to suddenly find £245, much less the thousands of pounds it would cost to buy a new, lower emission car?


“This government is bleeding low income families dry, just as they are most under pressure from rises in the cost of living.”