I’ve copied in this post the e-mail I’ve received from the County Engineer responsible for the resurfacing in Wesham.  I’ll follow his advice and will leave it a week or two before I meet the supervisor.  Until then, keep your e-mails coming in about the pavement works.  – I’m not convinced that the work is up to too much, but I’ll meet the chap with an open mind.

My staff have inspected most of the areas treated and generally consider that the finish is satisfactory.  There may be individual defects that require consideration of remedial works, or where the ‘plasters’ used to cover manholes, boxes, kerb edges and the like have yet to be removed. 


My Highway Superintendent who has supervised this work on my behalf would be happy to meet with you on site to look at those areas still causing concern; however, I would suggest that it would be much more useful if this could be left for at least a few weeks to give the material time to ‘bed down’ to be more characteristic of the final appearance.”