That was the accusation in today’s Kirkham and Fylde Express.  An accusation made by a Town Councillor who missed half a meeting where the Town Council was told by the police that on long term basis they’ll b covering Kirkham North Ward.  In fact there is a 30% cut in resources In Kirkham and Wesham and Wesham bares the brunt of it.  Crime may be low in Wesham, but that is as a result of the cover we have and the actions taken by the PC and PCSO.  If half their time is now in Kirkham North, it’s simple maths that there will be less cover, less resources and will allow more scope for wrong doing.  I’m meeting with the police next week and I’ll be banging this drum until the cows come home as I won’t stand by idly and see the good work of Wesham’s community police team get squanded due to New Labour cuts. 

I will not be an apologist for a reduction in vital police cover.