Rural Fylde Conservatives are please to see the election results in both Henley and Blackpool from this Thursday.  In Henley Labour came 5th with 3% of the vote and lost their deposit.  In Blackpool Park Ward there was a 40% swing from Labour to the Conservatives to see Park Wards first ever Conservative Councillor in what was a Labour strong hold.  Local post master, Peter Collins got 55% of the vote, or 977 votes while Labour only managed a dismal 448 votes.  That was a Conservative majority of 529.

Commenting, Councillor Simon Renwick said,

“I am delighted for Peter who will make a first class councillor and will work hard for the people of Park Ward.  I was also pleased to be involved in the camapign and picked up many practices that will be used in election in Rural Fylde.”